Soul fragment retrieval session



When we suffer trauma, whether it be mental, physical or emotional,  it can overload our psyche and system. When this happens, part of us can effectively “break off” to deal with that trauma and become lost or inaccessible to us.

If this occurs many times either through one or several lifetimes then we are in effect “losing” part of ourselves, a little like a battery that will only charge up to say 92% for example rather than the full %100. If this number continues to decrease then we can find it difficult to deal with the day-to-day challenges of our lives and we can become lost and exhausted.

In a Shamanic style energetic practice, I can ask some of my energetic team to descend into the shadow realms and recover those pieces of your psyche that are ready to return to you without recovering or replaying any of the trauma associated with them.

This work can be completed remotely and can be very effective in re-energising those of us who suffer from lethargy and even depression.

This session lasts around 30 mins and can be performed in-person or remotely.

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