Well, this is me;

Kieron Morgan

The Brother of Dragons.

I’ve been walking the Spiritual path for around 20 years.working as a workshop facilitator, healer and alchemyst, doing what i can to help others move forward in their quest for personal spiritual development.

I Used to work is School as a Technical theatre manager, but have always been fascinated with the realms of Magic and especially Dragons. I was introduced to the realms of spirit over 20 years ago, one of the first messages I received from my guides referred to me as “Little red Dragon”. Over the years, this has changed as I have developed and honed my skills and now I am honoured that they call me Brother.

I’m not limited to working with the Dragon collective, I am also proud to work with “The Old Gods” from both Albion and Viking mythology ( not a surprise when you look at me). I champion these ancient energies, working to help other remember these Gods and Goddesses as they are still vital to our land and are an important part of our energetic heritage.

Even though I am a big bearded man, my personality and energies are, I like to think, gentle and calm – the phrase “gentle-giant” definitely applies. I am also a Priest of the Goddess, working hard to restore the balance between the Matriarchy and Patriarchy as we move into the new age.

So, if you love Dragons and wish to learn more, great – have a flick through the site and your find info there.

But I also give readings for people, offer absent healing sessions working with a number of different energies ad can channel messages from the ascended master collective.

One of my great loves is creating bespoke guided meditations for people, to help them with a particular time on their path, or to help reveal some of their spiritual lineage and possibly help them move forwards. I firmly believe that often, for us to move forwards, we need to be aware of our past.

If there’s anything else you need, please get in touch as I may well be able to help you, or point you in the direction of one of my friends and colleagues who can.