Pendragon Reiki has been brought forward through the Advocate and Brother of Dragons, Kieron Morgan. 
As the energy of the Dragons starts to stir once more to aid and assist the change of consciousness of mankind at this pivotal time, this powerful yet simple system will allow you to access and use the incredible power of these magnificent and eternal beings to help and heal yourself, others and our beloved planet Earth.       

Through the initial initiation into level one of the system you will awaken your links to the energies, love and wisdom of the Dragon collective, as well as rekindling your connection to the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Dragon – an ancient order that stretches back through time via Merlin the Magician, the Priestesses of Avalon, the Druids of ancient Albion, back into the mists of fabled Atlantis itself.
      Each level of this system is offered as a one-day workshop comes with a comprehensive manual as well as continuous support from the founder of Pendragon reiki – Kieron Morgan.

          Pendragon Reiki level 1  focuses on breaking down some of the stigma and myth surrounding Dragons and their energies. Seen throughout Religious history as Evil and aggressive, the Dragon actually represented the Old ways and a fundamental connection to Mother Earth and the Forest. They are kind caring and happy beings who want nothing more than to help us on our journey, offering their healing, love and support through trying times.

During level one you will journey in meditation to be introduced to your own personal Dragon familiar, a Dragon companion and bridging consciousness to the Dragon collective.
Our first port of call when working with the Dragons is the Pendragon Merkabah – an energetically created sacred space working with each of the elemental Dragon energies. We can then surround ourselves, our healing space and eventually our clients with this powerful and sacred space, which is perfect for all aspects of energy and healing practice.
      We then learn about and start to work with the Pendragon’s eye – the principal energetic symbol of the system, which acts as a focus of energy and intent for this healing modality.

Our first level concludes with a practical guide to this energetic healing practice and our first Dragon healing energy exchange so that you can experience first-hand the loving and nurturing nature of the Dragon collective. 
          This one-day workshop comes with a comprehensive manual, initiation into the first level of the Pendragon Reiki system and connecting you with your own personal Dragon guardian and guide.
Exchange for the day is £120

Part of the review from Edwin Courtenay who attended in June 2018:
         “Today I attended my first workshop in 10 years as a participant and it was FANTASTIC! To put it in context I am a Usui Reiki Master, a Reiki Sechiem level 2 practitioner and an Angelic Reiki practitioner level 1 but none of these compare in the slightest to Pendragon Reiki….This system is perfect for anyone drawn to magick, elementals, Ascension, healing or of course Dragons!”.

          Pendragon Reiki level 2 focuses on adding new information,knowledge and skills to our healing palette.
During level two greatly increase your connection to the Dragon collective and learn about the Dragons and their continuing influence throughout Human history.
Level 2 focuses our attention upon two distinct but fundamentally connected symbols; the Oroborous and the infinity loop or mobius strip.  
    Each of these symbols helps us to connect to different types of healing energy, to our clients cellular structure and even their DNA.          

This second-level one-day workshop comes with a comprehensive manual, initiation into the second level of the Pendragon Reiki system.
Exchange for the day is £120

         Part of the review from Maria-Azucena Gonzalez who attended in February 2019:

“I love Pendragon Reiki, the energy is so powerful and gentle at the same time, wonderful and truly amazing. Kieron is a wonderful teacher. The dragons are truly amazing. I give 10/10. Maria-Azucena”.