The South View from the Top of the Hill.

Set in the Rolling Surrey hills, Leith hill is the highest point in the South East of England. I lived at the Beautiful Leith Hill Place for 20 years as a boy and have always returned whenever I can to recharge my batteries.

   The hill was revealed as the Violet flame chakra through a channeling of St Germain through the amazing Edwin Courtenay in November 2013. Since then I have been lucky enough to be chosen by spirit to be its energetic guardian. A role I am truly honoured to have been given and strive to fulfill.

Leith Hill Tower as The Tower Tarot card.

Leith Hill is now the home of the Violet flame chakra for the World. The chakra connected to transformation, alchemy and Change on an internal and external level.

    There are a miriad of energy points, ley lines and vorteces connecting to the differing aspects of the Violet flame as well as the Faerie kingdom, Glastonbury and the star beings.

Why not learn more by joining me on one of my monthly meditation walk on the hill. Information about times and dates will return here once we are free to wander again.


The Dragon Tree

   The walks consist of me guiding the group through the Forest of the Hill to various energetic points connected to the differing energies of the Violet flame. There are connections to the elements; Earth,Air,Fire,Water,Spirit asd well as the universal elements of Unconditional Love and Universal change. Although it is not possible to explore all of these every time, I try to vary the walks each month so that each place is covered over time.

    The Hill is also connected with Glastonbury through the Apple green ley line that connects them. That and the energetic overlaying of the energies of the spaces leads to deep connections to the Priestesses of Avalon and Morgan Le Fey. 

  There is an energetic portal (one of many) allowing those who are privy to its presence to visit and converse with the Queen of the Fae, who hopes that we can bring Magic back into the hearts and minds of mankind, allowing her and her charges to fully return to our consciousness. Something that I strive for on a daily basis.