I have been offering workshop on a number of different spiritual topics for around 10 years. My primary love is Dragons; their symbolism throughout many cultures in our history, their energy and the love the hold for mankind.

I also have a deep love for Magic and practice my own personal brand if this oft maligned and misunderstood practice.

I have, throughout my spiritual journey, learnt that there is much truth to be found in all the different and diverse faiths that we have, and have had, as a race. I have tried to “cherry pick” the bits that most resonate with me and integrate the into my own personal regimen.

My one-day workshops run from 10am – 5pm with regular breaks throughout the day. I’m happy to travel (within reason) to facilitate these and also offer them on-line. If you would like to host a workshop, please contact me via the contact form below the list of workshops.

TITLE Presse
DragonsDayAn introduction into the world of Dragons, how to work with them and breaking down some of the negativity surrounding them.
Advanced DragonsDayA more in depth look, revealing Dragons as guardians and gatekeepers of time and space, incl – DNA and Worm-holes in space.
Pendragon Reiki level 1DayThe first of three levels, being attuned to the energies of Pendragon reiki.
Pendragon Reiki level 2DayThe second level of Pendragon reiki, deeper into this powerful healing modality.
The Principles of MagicDayMagic and working magically, from first principles. (Imagine the first year at Hogwarts)
The Alchemy of Divine Fire –DayA powerful initiation day to become connected with your soul guardian and Soul energy. Working with the principles of alchemy, the phoenix and the cosmic black dragon.
The Old Gods and Goddesses Of AlbionDayMany look to other pantheons of Gods when stepping upon the path but the ancient forces of Albion are powerful and waiting to work with us.
The Gods of the Unknown (The Shungite Workshop)DayBehind the energies of this amazing crystal stir ancient Gods and Goddesses who make themselves known at this time.
Soul RescueDayMany Souls get “lost” when their transition from this plane to the next doesn’t go to plan. This workshop shows how that happens and how to help them cross over.
St Germain’s survival guide to the 21st CenturyDayAs the title suggests, St G shows us ways and means of coping in this most challenging of times.
The Violet flameDayThe violet flame is a must in any light-workers tool kit. This workshop gives you the skill set to work with this incredible energy.    
The Violet rainbowDayA one day workshop designed to bring together the energies of the Platinum Violet Flame and Melchizedek’s Whirling Rainbow, creating a new and most powerful healing Ray
The order of the violet robeDayAn in depth connection to each of the advocates of the violet flame as well as specific induction into this ancient and powerful order.
The RunesDayLearning about this divination system and its other magical traits.
The age of MerlinDayLooking at the Merlin and all his faces through his life story.
Spell – singingDayDiscovering the voice and its uses to heal, cleanse and manifest.