Pendragon Reiki Energy Spray


Created by Clive, who has an intense energetic connection to the Merlin, this spray can be used to infuse your spaces with his magic to assist you in any number of magical workings or when you need the Old man of Magic to step forward and work with you and your clients.

NB; by the Old man of Magic I mean the Merlin, not Clive (He’s an amazing Magician in his own right but not that old!).

100ml Bottle

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These sprays have been lovingly created in partnership with Brother of Dragons, by the wonderful Clive and Julie Chipperfield-Carr.

They are two amazing, kind, loving and talented souls whose other work and offerings can be found at www.juliescrystalrainbow.co.uk.

Julie also offers my guided meditations to her clients when they have a healing session on their incredible Crystal bed.

Pendragon Reiki Spray

This spray was created by Julie whilst meditating with my Galactic Dragons Meditation. It works whenever you wish to connect with the Dragon collective, but also when offering healing sessions using my Pendragon Reiki energetic healing system.

The spray contributes to a powerful protective space, especially when used in conjunction with the Pendragon’s eye guided meditation.

These sprays have been brought forward and are all Hand Made with Chalice Well Water

Infused with a Quartz Crystal point and Crystals under the Full Moon.

The price shown are for 100ml spray bottle and includes the £3.50 shipping charge.

Pendragon Reiki Spray contains

Patchouli, Frankincense, Basil, Sage, Lemon Grass, Ginger and Protector Oil.

Directions for use:

“Enjoy using your Aura Spray to clear and lift the energy in any room, your Aura, the Aura of others as you feel guided”.

Shake well before use.
Spray into the aura or room.
Contains essential oils and alcohol.

Not to be taken internally.

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